Thursday, December 13, 2007

Paisley moved away :(

These are my last pictures with him!


Rick Caran said...

We found your blog thru a friend of a friend of a relative's friend (or something like that). I was surprised to see a Yorkie that looked so much like mine. Pixie is beautiful and so are the other dogs.

We have pictures of our Yorkie, Jilli on her website:

Do you go to a Yorkie or Small dog Meetup? Playgroup for Yorkies....

We belong to a few Meetups because we travel, (San Diego, SF, NYC and Long Island, but not LA). It's fun to meet Yorkie people and I can see you are one.

Rick and Judy and 'Jilli Dog'

Adventures of Pixie said...

Jilli is adorable! We go to the dog park a lot but haven't managed to make it to a Meet-Up group yet. :)